Utilize these lectures to gain a greater understanding of the JV system.

E1: MPLS The Start of My Journey

E2: MPLS How I learned Jiu Jitsu

E3: MPLS What is JVOS

E4: MPLS Making Decisions

E5: MPLS Making Decisions: Binary Choices

E6: MPLS Details in Consciousness

E7: MPLS Positional Perspective

E8: MPLS Positional Threashold

E9: MPLS Efficiency of the Mind

E10: MPLS Thoughts and Feelings

E11: MPLS Building the Master Plan 97-2011

E12: MPLS Building the Master Plan 2011-2017

E13: MPLS The Content

E14: MPLS Colors

E15: MPLS The Central Path 2

E16: MPLS Timeline of Events

E17: MPLS Attack Strategies

E18: MPLS Maps

E19: MPLS Offensive Onslaught

E20: MPLS Universal Truths

E21: MPLS Perception is Reality